Red Collar Project established 2008. The concept behind the name, Red Collar Project, comes from the old English way of identifying a person by ones trade, the blue collar workers and the white collar academics. Red collar is a new trade, repudiates classification focusing on the personality and lifestyle rather than a person’s occupation.

Red collar project are characterized by a simple and modern design with an extra value added to each product.

We believe that a mixture of casual and innovating fabrics enlarge our products.

We focus on innovating details, cuttings and shapes. We like black and dull colours.

We find it essential that every product stands for itself and has extra value.

We are not the Blue Collar Workers. We are not the White Collar Academics. We are the Red Collar Project. We believe that your personality and lifestyle defines you. Life is an Experiment. Challenge the ordinary. You don't have to wait for permission to become your own hero. Follow your passion. Learn more. Do more. Be more, and look good while doing it.